Love is cruel. Love is sweet.
Love can break your heart. Love fills your heart with joy. Love is fast heartbeat. Love is a safe warm hug. Love can be platonic. Love helps you see things clearly. Love makes you blind. Love makes you cry silently at night. Love makes you smile while you drive alone for work in the morning. Love grows bigger. Love dies. Love is hard to find. Love is right there in front of you. Love plays with your mind. Love messes with your heart. Love gives you butterflies in the stomach. Love involves desire. Love can be passionate. Love is familiar. Love is chemistry. Love is having nothing in common and yet being in love. Love is knowing when to let go. Love is never letting go. There are no rules in love. And if you think you know them, think again, because love is smarter than you and me.

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A proud mom. A fool for love, strawberries, girly stuff, sparkly things and hot bubble baths. I am not a photographer but i adore photography, i am not a chef yet i cook like crazy and i like it! Instagram: instanaf


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